About Us

MUSE MONOGRAM was inspired by a love for long summer nights and sentimental details. We are based in Australia and provide a touch of luxury into your life with our elegant crystal glassware, handcrafted to perfection by our production team in France. 

We take pride in performing all monogramming and personalisation by hand, making it extra special when it lands in the hands of you and your loved ones.

Our glassware is stored locally to ensure that we can offer you quick shipping so you can receive your product as soon as possible. Personalised glassware will elevate your wine hour and remind you to celebrate the small and the big wins, or just celebrate being YOU, with a drink or two!

Feel feel to say hello or chat with us if you had any questions at hello@musemonogram.com.

Looking forward to being part of your happy hour!



Muse Monogram Team x